Marvel's latest challenge will be the merging of two completely different tones. I wonder if they'll have to be some sacrifices on either end to make it work
If other MCU properties teased the multiverse, one beautiful british voice as part of the trailer for the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel was enough to…
The Mavericks finally moved on from Kristaps Porzingis, but the way they did leaves me with more questions than a sense of a satisfying resolution
The 76ers may have gotten the swap they always wanted, but the Nets might have a reason to feel better in the aftermath
Sacramento made a win-now trade that has a low ceiling while decimating its future in the process. That kind of self-destruction is honestly impressive
Lillard and McCollum might not have brought Portland a title, but their consistency and the memories they gave us are worth plenty
The first two trades of deadline season brought three teams quality returns but left me struggling to figure out where the fourth is going
The delay of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has me wishing for companies to take a new approach to how they market video games in the world we…
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